Madrid was 4ºC above normal temperatures in July, the warmest month in Spain since there are records
August 10, 2022

The Community of Madrid reached 4 degrees Celsius (ºC) above the usual temperatures last July, which has been the warmest month in Spain since there are records and had an average of 25.6ºC.

This is the highest average temperature not only in July but in any month of the year, at least since 1961 , according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) , which adds that it has also been the driest in the last fifteen years.

The spokesman for the AEMET, Rubén del Campo, highlighted that this is the second time that July average temperature exceeds 25ºC for the whole of Spain, but this time it has exceeded the 2015 temperature by 0.2ºC, which was until now it was the warmest in the series.

The monthly balance of the meteorological agency also highlights that the heat wave was “the most important since there are records” and since there are records, since it was the most intense, the most extensive and the second longest in the series. In the Canary Islands , meanwhile, there were two heat waves during the seventh month of the year.

In addition to being extremely hot, 2.7ºC above the average of the reference period 1981-2010, this period was very dry , as it rained half as much as normal, making 2022 the third driest July of the 21st century.

By areas, its extremely hot character affected the entire Peninsula except in areas of northern Galicia, the eastern Cantabrian Sea, the Ebro Valley and the peninsular southeast , where it was very hot. In the Balearic Islands it was very warm or extremely warm, while in the Canary Islands it was very warm in most areas.

The difference with respect to normal temperatures according to the climatology reached 4ºC above in Galicia, central and southern Castilla y León, Community of Madrid, Extremadura, western Castilla-LaMancha and in points of the interior of Andalusia and the Pyrenees. , even with anomalies close to 5ºC in some points of these regions.

Thus, the maximum daily temperatures averaged 3.3ºC and the minimum 2.2ºC , so the thermal oscillation was 1.1ºC higher than normal for the month.

The AEMET spokesman, Rubén del Campo, has underlined that 29 main stations have had their highest temperature ever reached since they began to accumulate data and in 41 the monthly average of daily maximums was the highest in the series and also has highlighted that in another 9 the highest average of the minima was reached since the observations began.