A total of 53,000 people from Madrid acquire free Suburban and Media Distance subscriptions
September 12, 2022

A total of 53,000 people from Madrid have purchased the free Cercanías and Media Distancia subscriptions, which Renfe recommends obtaining before September 5, Europa Press Renfe has informed. In national figures, 237,000 citizens already have the subscription while registered users to obtain it have risen to 450,000. Passes, to travel between September 1 and December 31, can be obtained in the Renfe Cercanías app, and at ticket offices and self-service machines at the stations.

To speed up the acquisition of passes, it is convenient to register in advance through Renfe’s mobile applications or web pages, as more than 400,000 users have done so far. Once registered, customers will be able to obtain their season tickets on the Renfe Cercanías app and at the stations or self-service machines at the stations.

Travelers who have not registered through the Renfe website or apps can purchase the ticket at the sales offices or self-service machines at Renfe stations, presenting their NIF, NIE or passport, since the tickets are personal and non-transferable. To acquire the subscription, although it is free, it is necessary to deposit a deposit of 10 euros for each Cercanías or Rodalies nucleus, and 20 euros for each Conventional Media Distancia service.